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1.Photo Viewer: This feature enables you to view your folders photos in your MyPictures folder on your PC either one at time, in groups or as slideshow.

2.Editor: The photo editing tools are really great and can be tweaked to get very interesting results. You can resize your photo, add brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, remove re eye, cropping - plus add a host of other filters such as grey scale, sepia tone – and more!
3.Some of the really fun editing tools include a host of different frames and masks in order to really make an impression. You can also add balloons to put in text to make your photos into cartoons. You can add other text to title your photos. You can add drawings onto your photos. Plus, one of my favourite tools is the custom rotate that allows you balance up those horizon lines on your seascape photos.
4.Another incredible feature is the Batch editor. With this feature, you can load up those massive large photos you ’re your super digital camera took and resize them all at once to a smaller size that is easier for uploading to the Internet and Facebook. Also, if you had your camera set to the wrong lightening for example, you can batch edit your entire group of photos to balance up your lighting and add a filter or two to make your photo perfect!
5.Do you like to collage your photos? Well, PhotoScape makes that easy too with a bunch of different templates that you just have to open and drag your photos onto it - and boom – instant collage!
6.How about making a big wide landscape photo to use as a banner or panoramic. Then just choose the “Combine” tool and this will attach your photos horizontally – or vertically if you wish.
7.Do you want to make a quick animated graphic you ’re your photos? Then use the ‘Animated GIF’ tool in PhotoScape.
8.If you have a colour printer – you will appreciate the ‘Print’ function of this software. You can print a portrait shot, carte de visite, passport photos, wallet photos and others.
9.If your want to divide your photo into multiple parts, then try the ‘ Splitter’ tool.
10.Screen Capture is another great tool if you want to take a snap shot your computer screen to remember how your desktop should look before a rebuild or take photo of a webpage to

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